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 Adult Reiki level I $375 

The first level of Reiki is the introduction to the magic of Reiki; its principles, its origins, and its power.

In this course you will learn how to heal yourself and others; learn your 7 chakra system; how to align and clear; discover new techniques on protecting your energy, recognizing and releasing what isn’t yours. After you receive your first attunement you will find your life altering for the better; old habits that no longer serve you fall off to the side, you will find yourself naturally wanting to honour your body, and you start coping in situations that may have previously brought on overwhelm or anxiety. You will feel more clear, more capable and more empowered!

This course is for anyone who feels called and requires no previous training however it is recommended for the student to experience at least one Reiki session previous to taking this course. (discounts provided for future students for one-on-one sessions).

After the course you are assigned a 21 day self care practice which will follow with a complimentary 1hr private 2nd attunement ceremony)

12 hour (divided into 2 days)

+1 Hour for 2nd attunement

Includes textbook and manual


Adult Reiki level II   $400

Level two creates enormous expansion within and without, and paves the way for you to become a Reiki practitioner.

Level 2 teaches you the art of distance Reiki; the ability to heal across time and space. You fine tune your techniques and you are given the first 3 symbols of Reiki; the basis and essence of the Reiki. These symbols create space for more direct and focused healing where intuitions strengthens and a clear knowingness comes through.

13 hours (divided into 2 days)

+1 hour for 2nd attunement (one on one)

Includes manual with option to purchase text book


Reiki level  III Master

The Reiki Master level.

Here we dive deeper into the mastery of Usui Reiki. This transformational journey brings you into a deeper understanding of your role as a healer to yourself and others. Becoming a Reiki Master is a powerful commitment to this healing modality as you are given the master symbols which unlocks the full potential of Reiki Energy.

You will receive a variety of advanced tools and techniques to create expansion in your practice, and within yourself. In this level you learn to embody Reiki as a way of being in all aspects of your life. When you activate this self mastery, Reiki becomes more of who you are rather than what you do; healing and altering your life for the better and stepping into your truth and your higher purpose.

12 hours (divided into 2 days)

+1 hour for 2nd attunement (one on one)

Includes Manual with option to purchase text book


Children's Reiki & Spiritual Development

Give the gift of self healing and empowerment to your little one. With this course they will be attuned to level one Reiki. They will also learn the basics of living a well balanced life, with meditation practices, aura building, discovering their guides, and learning about crystals. Your little one will learn to explore their imaginations through guided meditations to gain a better understanding of their true gifts and potentials!

With these tools they can learn to self regulate, and create a practice of self care. They will discover their empathic nature as a gift rather than “being too sensitive”. They will learn what energies are theirs, what isn’t theirs and how to prevent overwhelm. They will learn to find their voice and step into their power!

It is truly an honour and blessing to aid and mentor our next magical generation and I thank you for the opportunity!

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