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Our Sister Tribe


Valerie Hyldig

 Holistic Esthetician &Craniosacral Therapist

Meet Valerie; she was born with an intuitive nature and psychic abilities, both gifts rooted in the intrinsic desire to support others. She has taken the time to honour these gifts by studying the healing arts for many years. During her treatments she expertly blends holistic and other advanced modalities into your experience. Valerie is not only guided intuitively during her treatments, but has been educated and certified in Crainosacral, Usui Reiki Master teacher certification, Indian Head Massage, psychic development, Pranic healing and more. Now 21 years in the Esthetics and wellness industry she is also a licensed Esthetician with Beauty counsel. From your standard eyebrow wax to Crainosacral  (labelled sole work), Valerie certainly blazes trails.  She loves adventure, teaching, education, and bringing growth to her evolution, and journey here on earth. Through communication and softly guiding from a heart centered space, Valerie encourages you to speak your truth, empowering you to walk with purpose, and confidence and to remember, you are the light!


Nichole Broadbent

Spiritual Guide and Reiki Master Teacher

Nichole is a Usui Reiki Master teacher, and is blessed with over a decade of teachings in the healing arts. She is humbly honoured to walk with you and shine the light as you remember who you are, why you came here, and learn how to stand in your own power and purpose. Through the ancient wisdoms of Usui, Holy Fire®, Karuna Reiki®  and Astronomy combined with intuitive mediumship, psychology, past life reflection and Mahatma Energy Activations- Nichole is here to aid you in a unique experience of soul evolution. Together you will release negative patterns and stuck energy, you will break generational and past life cycles. With Nichole's help, you will access information from your Akashic Records,  Ascended Masters, guides and your higher self to find your own unique light and divine union within. With these healings and activations you will see your clear path, so you can walk in your purpose and RISE as the sacred being that you are! Please check out Nichole's one of a kind Reiki courses at her website  


Skyla Shirshac

Waxing Tecntation Holistic Esthetics

Skyla, a devoted professional in the realm of service, is committed to delivering a blend of gentleness and high- quality care. Guided by inspiring mentors, she navigates her journey with a passion for ensuring every client feels at ease and well taken care of during their appointments. Skyla's heartfelt connection with clients goes beyond the service, creating a personalized and memorable experience.

Mentoring under Nichole and Valerie, Sklya is training under Nichole Broadbent with New Earth Awakening in Reiki, and currently is a waxing technician at Foxy Box. She certified in Indian Head Massage under Zoe Baldwin at Mountain Heights Healing. Skyla is also trained and certified in massage with Krystal at Holistic & Intuitive Body Work. 

Susanna Beise

Registered Massage Therapist 

Suesana has a passion for the human body and its functions.  Having
spent most of her life in athletics, nutrition and as a trainer,
Suesana further pursued her education of the body and became a registered massage
therapist.  Understanding the body and how to recover from soft tissue
dysfunction is part of what Suesana offers as a massage therapist.

Sarah Norrad

Therapeutic Trauma-informed Coaching

Sarah Norrad has been coaching clients for over a decade and has worked with folks all over the world. She is a certified professional coach, credentialed through the ICF, holds certificates in mindfulness-based stress reduction, trauma-informed care, bodytalk, reiki mastery as well as is a registered yoga teacher and lay counsellor. At West Coast Esthetics and Healing Studio, Sarah offers therapeutic trauma-informed coaching in nature for life, leadership and personal and professional growth. Her sessions are deeply healing and empowering, rooted in compassion, connection and encouragement; she expertly weaves together somatic transformation, mindfulness tools, positive psychology, and trauma-informed coaching into each session with her clients. To explore other coaching options or if you prefer online sessions, learn more about Sarah and her offerings through her website at

Tara Eliza

Holistic Esthetics

♥️16+ years experience working all across Canada in various 5 star resorts and wellness centers I offer a customized intuitive approach to all my spa services, using mindful presence, energy healing and body-reading skills during my sessions. I listen with my hands, allowing my intuition to guide me. My intention is to create a deeply connected, nurturing experience where stress is released, and the nervous system is soothed. "My aim is to create a safe and sacred space where the nervous system can unwind, physical tensions can be released, the heart can open and the soul remembers home. I wish to help people to reconnect with themselves, to feel whole, to feel at home in their body and energy space”

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