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The product line we pamper you with at West Coast Esthetics Studio, is produced by a trusted, local beauty wholesaler - SMC Holistics. Her line is made with the highest quality ingredients, certified organic oils, chemical, preservative free and also vegan friendly.

Radiance Facial  Line

This is an all natural aromatherapy facial care collection, to help your most sensitive skin maintain it's radiance and beautiful glow, naturally. By nurturing our skin and feeding it the right nutrients through this holistic skin care line, we maintain healthy looking skin, easily. Aging can't be reversed, but by taking care of your skin with the ingredients provided by nature, and combined by us, we can lessen the impact of time and minimize the rate at which our skin ages.

Shampoo Bars

The natural aromatherapy hair care from Smell My Chakra Holistics is handmade, vegan, nut and palm oil free, and infused with herbs to make your hair smell amazing! Because these shampoo bars are chemical, synthetic and additive free, they revitalize your hairs natural radiance by clearing it of weighted additives in other commercially produced hair care products. We want everyone to enjoy the natural benefits of our bars, so we carefully selected ingredients that are suitable for most people. Shampoo bars are also a great addition to any travel bag and often people find them so nourishing on their hair, that conditioner is no longer necessary!

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Hand & Body


Natural aromatherapy soap is scented with earthy grounding herbs, roots, & essential oils. Again, this product is handmade, vegan, nut and palm oil free. Often soaps can be drying and aging on the body as they contain ingredients that take away nutrients from the skin rather then replenish and add to it. With this line of soaps, you will be ensuring that your skin is becoming infused with natural ingredients that when absorbed through the skin, actually increase it's, and your own, health. 

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Interested in what you have read above, or have tried these products in our studio and would like to order...

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Meet the Creator of SMC ​Holistics

Hi there!

My name is Alexis and I am the one-woman show behind Smell My Chakra Holistics. We are the proud beauty product suppliers for West Coast Esthetics Studio.

I started my company in 2013 with a desire to create clean beauty products that actually worked! Having trouble in my own life with migraines triggered by commercially made beauty products, my mission became to create a line for consumers that were neither synthetic nor chemical based.

Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream - Prior to starting my company I spent many mornings, days, sleepless nights, months and so on, researching, researching, and researching how to create a product that would be completely health supporting.

As tiring as it was, I can’t say enough how worth it, it all has been!

I delved deep into the ingredients in the products I (and many of you), were born into using. I was disgusted to discover that even the “healthier” products were made with many toxic ingredients, so I knew I had to create products I trusted that weren’t going to harm me or my children and to top it off, make ALL the ingredients natural so that there was absolutely no need of further testing to see if they are dangerous or not!

Thus, SMC was born…

I live, eat and breathe a holistic lifestyle (possibly to more extremes than most, but it makes me happy) and I love that I get to share my experiences and creations with you!

Although many of my products currently are both herbal infused and aromatherapy based, I am beginning to focus more on using herbs rather than essential oils for a few reasons... Ethical harvesting being a major one, also it takes so much plant matter to produce even a drop of essential oil that I see some of the essential oil craze as environmentally unsustainable.  

I sincerely hope my beauty products bring a nurturing benefit to your life. 

Warm regards,

Alexis, Owner of Smell My Chakra Holistics

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