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A little More About Our Brazilians...

Have you always wanted to try a Brazilian?

We at West Coast Esthetics are the place to make this come true. With over 14 years of waxing experience, our certified and licensed Esthetician is a highly trained professional in the world of Brazilians. At West Coast Esthetics we go out of our way to make your experience of a Brazilian, a brilliant and comfortable one!

Listed below are a few Brazilian options, for those who wish to leave a little (or none) to the imagination!

French Wax- The Landing Strip

The Landing Strip is a French wax and differs from a typical Brazilian as it leaves a small strip of hair covering the middle (labia) and around the backside.

You can choose the shape of the hair - the landing strip is a popular option as well as a tiny triangle, or a postage stamp size covering.

Full Brazilian- The Hollywood

The Hollywood leaves nothing behind! Yup, zilch, zip, nada. So be prepared to leave after this treatment, with your backside, front and labia all brilliantly smooth!

This is the traditional Brazilian style. 

Partial Brazilian- The Desert Island

The Dessert Island is typically in the Brazilian style (as appose to the french), where all hair is removed from the backside and labia, accept there is a small floating triangle left over the pelvic bone. 

This is for those that are intimidated of going completely bare.

- Pre and Post Tips for a Brilliant Brazilian - 


1) In order to get the most brilliant Brazilian, please come for waxing with ¼ inch of hair growth. This would typically be 2-3 weeks of growth, or appear the length of a pencil lead.

2) Exfoliate the area 24 hours ahead of your appointment.

3) If you are concerned about pain or discomfort, take 1-2 Advil an hour before your appointment.

4) Arrive to appointment in non-restricting clothing to reduce irritation and discourage ingrown hair occurrence.


1) Wait three days after your Brazilian, to begin bi-weekly exfoliations to the area to keep ingrown hairs from occurring.

2) If waxed area feels at all irritated, try wearing natural fibres, cotton undies or loose fitting bottoms for the first 24 hours after treatment.

3) The perfect product to keep your intimate areas exfoliated and your Brazilian feeling brilliant, is the SMC Exfoliating Body Bar. We sell them at the studio so pick one up while you are here!

*If you are wanting your brilliant Brazilian perfect for a special occasion, it is recommended that you come visit us 3-4 days prior to your big event.

Remember that your first Brazilian can be slightly uncomfortable. But, we will keep you breathing and smiling throughout, and you will be cared for by the most skilled hands of a gentle, highly experienced and healing Esthetician. 

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