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Healing Treatments

Spiritual Based Massage

60 minutes: $112

90 minutes: $166

120 minutes: $222

Offering you a spiritual based massage weaving together powerful elements of healing modalities such as craniosacral, Usui Reiki, drumming, aromatherapy, sound healing acupressure, body scanning, or somatic emotional release.

Our philosophy is centered on achieving harmony. Using a complete system of hands on bodywork, embracing the whole being: physical, emotional and energetic.

You may release what is no longer serving you such as muscle pain, joint mobility issues, body trauma, suppressed emotions, stressed nervous systems and more.


60 minutes: $115

 Tandem (2 Reiki Masters for 2hours): $280

Ancient Energy Medicine, a gift from source to be channeled for healing on a multitude of levels. Psychic Surgery, Activation, Past life, Assented masters of healing, Emotional energy blockages, and much more.

Our Reiki Master Teachers Nichole and Valerie have something unique and special to share with you. They work as a team doing tandem healing, or separately with one on one appointments.

Tandem healings are available by request. The sessions are known to take a life of there own. They run from 2hours cost $280 please reach out to

Working from their hearts they wish to also offer a sliding scale to those in need:

One on One $115 for 1 hour session

Tandem $230-280 for 2hours

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Healing with Nichole

Soulful Transformation Sessions

90 minutes: $160

Nichole is a Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire® Reiki Master teacher, and is blessed with over a decade of teachings in the healing arts. She is here to walk with you and anchor the light as you remember how to stand in your own power;  activating your gifts and light within!

Through her loving and compassionate nature and the ancient wisdoms of Reiki, intuitive mediumship, psychology, past life quantum healing and Mahatma Energy- Nichole is here to aid you in a unique experience of soul evolution.


Together you will release negative patterns and stuck energy, activate and align your chakras, you will break generational and past life cycles. We will access information from your Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, guides and your higher self to find your own unique light and divine union within.

With these healings and activations you will see your clear path so you can walk in your purpose, create a fulfilling life, and RISE as the sacred being that you are!

We are Light

120 minutes: $180

Blending ancient energy medicine, into soul connection and enlightenment.

Activating the Soulstar chakra, Earthstar chakra, and higher heart chakra. These are powerful energy centres located outside of the physical body. Bringing alignment to your entire chakra system. Aligning you to the earths vibration, unlocking, and balancing. While ascending you to the fifth dimension, and connecting you to your personal potential.

Encouraging commitment to your life, while you speak your truth and honour your soul‘s purpose. Extending your central channel and shifting your frequency to align with Gaia.

Your session will closed with experienced spiritual mentoring. Allowing for a beautiful transition, and to healing on many levels.​

Mahatma Energy Activations With Nichole

60 minutes: $125

Experience the power of a Mahatma Energy Activation aiding you in a leap of spiritual evolution. Mahatma- meaning great soul, is a high frequency energy (and your divine birthright) that cleanses, heals and ignites your empowerment so you can walk your path and purpose! This 60 minute experience includes a powerful activation with a 20 minute Reiki treatment leaving you cleared, relaxed and empowered!

(This treatment comes as a recommended 2nd treatment after experiencing a Healing with Nichole)

Craniosacral Therapy

60 minutes: $100

90 minutes: $140

Hands-on healing, labeled soul work, Craniosacral Therapy addresses a rhythmic system at the core of our physiology as it flows between our head and pelvic area. It is the most successful and fastest growing approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing.

It is both a medical system with precise anatomical criteria & a therapeutic art!

Benefits include alleviating chronic pain, central nervous system disorders, head and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, energetic blockages, past life, hormonal imbalances, chronic sinusitis, suppressed emotions, and more.

Adult Spiritual Development

60 minutes: $88

We are here to support you on your healing journey.

Are you new to the healing arts? Or need some unique guidance in a certain areas. These sessions are here for additional training, custom training, or to gain clarity.

We tailor your session to support you where needed.

After your appointment is booked we will reach out to touch base about your questions before your training session.

If you feel you need additional time we can add that on accordingly.

Love and Light Valerie & Nichole

Children's Spiritual development

45 minutes: $60

Children's Spiritual development creates tools, and learning on a child's level. Supporting them in learning about the energetic body, transferring energy, reading other people's emotions, and taking care of their own energy. While discovering the beauty in being an Empath.

Setting boundaries to take care of this gift they were born with, is essential.

We have many children among us, with an inner knowing and vision!

Supporting their journey and providing them with space to ask questions, share their experiences, and feel safe. In an environment for them to be their true authentic selves.

It is a gift to be a part of their journey.​

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes: $75

Indian head massage works on the physical and emotional symptoms within our bodies by easing muscle tension, releasing endorphins and bringing relaxation.

Energetically this treatment utilizes pressure points in Ayurvedic Medicine to stimulate circulation and re-balance Prana, as well as releasing blockages that cause stress, tension, and disease.

Benefits include relief from eye-strain, headaches, congestion/sinus, insomnia, improved hair/scalp condition, lymphatic drainage and circulation.

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