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Forest Trees

Outdoor Experiences

Welcome to the Temples of Avalon, an outdoor rainforest spa experience. Allow your mind, body, and soul to be nourished as you find yourself nestled deep in the rainforest, riverside in our powerful and cleansing space with Mama GAIAH

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Queens of Avalon
4.5 hours


An Avalonian Package fit for the Queen that you are!

.Consultation, Crystal Grid, Oracle Cards - 15min

 Indian Head Massage - 40 min 

Avalonian Healing -

1 hour

 Charcuterie board - 20 min

Hot stone massage - 90 min

 Alchemical Facial - 45 minutes

Foot treatment - 10 minutes 

sisters avalom.jpg

Sisters of Avalon
3 hours


Connecting you to the earth in ways that leave you empowered, supported and loved. 

Crystal grids and oracle cards 20 min
Avalon Healing 45min
Indian Head Massage 45 min 
Alchemical Facial  40 min
Back Hot stone Massage  30min

Total 3 hours of Sisters nourishing you, mind, body and soul!

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A Taste of Avalon

One of Gaia's nurturing Avalonian Sisters fills your cup in honouring your body, mind and soul.

1 hour Avalonian Healing
45 min Indian Head Massage 
45 min Glow Facial


Temples of  Avalon Reiki
2 hours 


I am here to walk with you and shine the light as you remember who you are, why you came here, and learn how to stand in your own power and purpose. I am here to aid you in a unique experience of soul evolution. Together we will release negative patterns and stuck energy, we will break generational and past life cycles, we will access information from Ascended Masters, guides and your higher self to find your own unique light and divine union within. With these healings and activations you will see your clear path.


Temples of Avalon Crainosacral
2 hours

During your experience we explore the many layers of the subtle body. First tapping into the Craniosacral rhythm and allowing for the deep listening to take place. Then through somatic dialogue we can guide the subconscious body through a journey to support any shifts that are willing and ready to take place. Somatic emotional release is a way of connecting to the bodies memory system and supporting any unwinding of core beliefs that are at the root of disharmony in the body and mind. This is deep soul work and can create profound shifts in your life.


Therapeutic Trauma-informed Coaching in Nature
1 hour

Your sessions occur nestled in the rainforest, in Sooke BC, by a flowing stream, under a canopy of old growth trees; with the company of nature, therapeutic coaching ease-fully goes deeper, get’s to the heart of the matter and supports your transformation, healing and growth. 

Using somatic, trauma-informed practices, positive psychology, breathwork, mindfulness meditations, Polyvagal and Internal Family Systems Theory, these sessions will ground you in the present moment, help release fears and blocks, support you to come back to yourself and lead you on your direction forward.

Please dress for the weather.

3166 Robinson Road

Sooke, B.C.    V9Z 0J9


© 2017 West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio

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